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Home / Jewellery / Is costume jewellery imitation jewellery?

Is costume jewellery imitation jewellery?

Is costume jewellery imitation jewellery? In a sense, yes one could describe it as such although industry sellers would prefer to refer to costume jewellery using alternative descriptions such as fashion jewellery, simulated jewellery or even ornamentation jewellery.

Simulated jewellery is highly flexible for those seeking new trends for multi purpose use. Costume jewellery may be used for bridal jewellery, everyday wear or even occasion wear. The flexibility of the metals used, silver plated or gold plated coating over metal, ensures that designers can create elaborate designs not possible with softer metals such as 14k gold or 18k gold. The additional advantage of costume jewellery is the price point. It is often accessible, giving jewellery wearers the opportunity to buy several pieces of fashion jewellery in various styles and even colours without the worry of paying high prices. For sure these benefits that provide fashionistas with trend setting designs on a regular basis as is the case with the Bijoux Oui, costume jewellery line are undeniable.

The benefits of accessible pricing does mean that some costume jewellery if worn on a regular or daily basis may only last around 18 months to two years before the gold or silver plating commences to wear over time, loses its shine, fades or flakes off. If this should happen, the metal underneath the gold or silver plating will be exposed and it is at this time that customers should look to replace their jewellery with the next trendsetting design. Due to the changing styles, new trends and the price point, the fun of replacing costume jewellery pieces cannot be underestimated.