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Micro Moments- Digital Purchasing Decisions Latest Sale Week 11032019

This week the Latest Sale team reports from the Business Directory with a focus on micro moments- digital purchasing decisions as part of the Multimedia and Digital category. Micro moments relates to the customer journey whereby they can expect to achieve an immediate response to their questions. Accessing micro moments ensures that customer shopper insight data is accessed more readily. A buying decision can be greatly improved when specific questions or concerns are addressed. For example, Quora is a question and answer website whereby anyone with an account can ask a question to users on almost any topic. A consumer who wishes to decorate their home and wonders what the latest interior design trends are or the best multimedia and digital devices to buy for that home can pose questions to help their decision making. Google actually coined the term micro moments in 2015 and this term has been used to validate Google search data ever since.

Micro moments are ever more prevalent thanks to mobile devices that enable users to access information anytime, anywhere whilst on the move. Knowledge based information lies at the heart of micro moments as well as a greater deployment of personalization considerations. Furthermore, busy consumers do not want to trawl through thousands of data options to discover what is the best multimedia device on the market. As per Google insight data, mobile device searches for “best” have grown by over 80% in the years from 2015-2017 alone. This further indicates that consumers expect a simple solution that will aid their purchasing decision and wish to feel confident that the provider of that information can be trusted, is authentic and a reliable, presenting an impartial source of that purchasing insight data.