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Home / Jewellery / Where does sterling silver baltic amber jewellery come from?

Where does sterling silver baltic amber jewellery come from?

With much of the Destino Jewellery organic gemstone collection deriving from the Baltics, customers often wonder, where does sterling silver baltic amber jewellery come from?

Firstly, genuine Baltic amber has formed over 45 million years ago as fossilized resin that can only be produced by pine trees. For this reason, the Destino Jewellery product design team refers to amber as an organic gemstone as it derives from organic substances and amber producing tree species that are now extinct. These trees include cedars and conifers.

The heritage of Baltic amber is confined to Northern Europe especially Scandinavia as well as regions close to the Baltic Sea including the Baltic coast of Germany and the shores of the North Sea. Other locations where Baltic amber jewellery may be found include the coast of Sicily, England, Lebanon and parts of Jordan. Approximately 90% of the world’s extractable Baltic amber is located in the Kallingrad Oblast region of Russia.