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Home / Jewellery / Celebs, Black Tie Event, and Amber Earrings — Equals Perfection

Celebs, Black Tie Event, and Amber Earrings — Equals Perfection

Celebs, Black Tie Event, and Amber Earrings — Equals Perfection and celebrities attending a black tie event in Hollywood can add a pop of colour to their look with amber earrings from the Destino Jewellery organic gemstone line. Seek inspiration from designer Elle Zeitoune’s Midnight Gown with a sweetheart neckline and mermaid skirt or wear a floor-length white gown featuring a sweetheart neckline with Destino Jewellery amber earrings.

So, why not add a pop of colour with sunshine yellow amber earrings? When a person is donned in black or white, wearing beautiful earrings with a stunning organic gemstone will make any fashionista stand out on the red carpet. Wear the hair in an updo and let your Destino Jewellery amber earrings shine.

With celebrities regularly invited to attend several events throughout the year, wearing earrings that add colour to their black or white outfit may just get them on the best dressed list. Some celebrities who can pull off this stunning look are Amber Heard, Taraji P. Henson, and Gal Gadot.

Celebs have the confidence, the allure, and the occasion to wear Destino Jewellery amber earrings. Dressing in plain black and white is far too dull, so spice things up with eye-catching organic gemstone earrings. Coloured organic gemstones are sure to make a celeb the centre of attention because unlike other fine jewellery, they can be seen from afar. Browse through Destino Jewellery’s collection of high-quality sterling silver and Baltic amber jewellery.